The Battle Buddy Theatre Company & Veteran’s Creative Arts Training Academy

Battle Buddy A partner assigned to a soldier expected to assist his or her partner both in and out of combat. They are your battlefield partner with whom you accomplish a common mission.

A Battle Buddy is not only intended for company, but also for the reduction of suicide; since each watches his partner’s actions, a Battle Buddy can save their fellow soldier’s life by noticing negative thoughts and feelings and intervening to provide help. A Battle Buddy stands ready to assist one another

The Battle Buddy Theatre Company (BBTC) is a non-profit theatre company comprised of veterans who are committed to each other and to accomplishing the mission of helping veterans cope with life after service by teaching them how to become effective storytellers as well as immersing them in the creative and performing arts. BBTC provides high quality theatre to both the civilian and veteran communities in the Southern California area that both entertains and engages the mind and spirit of our audience.

In addition, BBTC through its Veteran’s Creative Arts Training Academy provides opportunities for veterans to develop talents in all aspects of creative and theatre arts by providing hands on training in every facet of performance and theatre management.

BBTC teaches and trains veterans to use performing arts as potential therapy and treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as well as to help veterans cope with other mental and physical disabilities. By utilizing veterans in performing arts we can offer a gateway to new worlds of experience, emotion, and knowledge.

BBTC trains veterans in all aspects of the storytelling process from writing, set design, stage management, sound design, costume design, marketing, theater management, directing, acting and performance.

BBTC desires to engage with and connect to the audience both inside and outside of the military world as well as the worlds created during productions.

All training and BBTC theatre productions will be presented 100% free of charge to all veterans and or active duty servicemen/servicewomen and their families.

Storytellers Ensemble Theatre Company

Storytellers Ensemble Theatre Company (SETC) is an ensemble-driven theatre company dedicated to the creation of exciting theatrical experiences, taking artistic risks, and collaborating with gifted artists on passionate and provocative plays and musicals. We illuminate diverse human experiences through performance, training and outreach. We believe in the transformative power of live theater.

We accomplish our mission by: producing powerful, socially-conscious, provocative, intimate theater experiences, generating participation and dialogue between our diverse communities, nurturing and supporting local artists and inspiring and empowering creative young minds

SETC values artistic excellence and we believe in taking creative risks and working above and beyond our comfort zones in order to create experiences that stimulate, inspire, and challenge our audiences.

We are committed to creating a welcoming environment and deeper inclusion within our company. SETC strives for diversity through company membership, board membership, staff, nontraditional casting, choice of artistic material, and through our community outreach. We are a space where all voices are heard. SETC is committed to actively communicating by both listening and hearing without prejudice; we value each other’s opinions. We approach our conversations with empathy, generosity, and a collaborative spirit to build a lasting foundation that honors our commitments to each other and the company.

In addition, SETC, through its Dramatic Arts Training Programs, provides classes for both aspiring artists who want to develop their skills and seasoned professionals who want to fine tune their craft to learn among a community of respected professionals. SETC offers classes to young adults and adults providing opportunities for the next generation of professional theatre artists.

All children’s/ young adult classes have “price flexibility” to ensure that no child who wants to learn will be turned away due to lack of financial resources. This provides an opportunity to for children from low-income families to participate at little to no cost to them or their families.

In addition, each children’s /young adult production will have one performance designated as a “Relaxed Performance”. Relaxed Performances are specifically designed to welcome people who will benefit from a more relaxed environment, including people with an Autism Spectrum Condition, sensory and communication disorders, a learning disability, or under the age of four.