We are a passionately driven collective of writers, producers, directors, performers, and artists dedicated to telling great stories. We take the craft of storytelling very seriously and having fun while doing just as seriously. We believe that the story always comes first and that nothing is as important as telling it effectively.

We are different, by design, in that we are not simply a production company with employees. Rather we are a society of skilled artisans who have come together to bring dreams, stories and ideas to life on the stage or screen. We work together to educate, entertain and most of all inspire our audiences.

Our motto is; “We exist to tell great stories” and whether it be in feature films, television, live theatre and events, documentaries, web series or short films we are always looking for new stories to tell and new partners to help us tell them.

Who We Are

The Secret Squirrel Society Entertainment Group, LLC is comprised of Bold Studios LA,, Bold Theatre,, and Secret Squirrel Films. Our production offices, recording studio and theatre are located in the heart of Orange County. The studios can accommodate any type of project from self-tapes to full scale productions.

Things We’re Working On