The Secret Squirrel Society was formed in 2007 in San Diego, CA as a co-ed sports, social and entertainment company with a focus on bringing a diverse group together, building relationships and developing a sense of community in southern California. In the beginning we primarily specialized in co-ed, pick-up sports for adults and in less than five years the company grew to become the second largest co-ed sports group in Southern California. While we take some pride in that we are most proud of the relationships that we helped to build. We have had numerous people who found their life partners through our events, have witnessed several weddings and a few children brought into the world, and have seen countless people develop life-long friendships as a direct result of their involvement with The Secret Squirrel Society.

Our founder, John J. Pistone, has always had a passion for storytelling and wanted to shift our focus from adult sports to producing live events and theatre projects. His love for the craft of storytelling, combined with the amazing stories he heard through from the men and women who participated in our games compelled him to relinquish the sports side side of the business so we could focus on the entertainment side of the business.

We, The Secret Squirrel Society Entertainment Group, are a passionately driven collective of writers, producers, directors, performers, and artists all dedicated to telling great stories. We take the craft of storytelling very seriously and having fun while doing just as seriously. We believe that the story always comes first and that nothing is as important as telling it effectively.

We are different, by design, in that we are not simply a production company with employees. Rather we are a society of skilled artisans who have come together to bring dreams, stories and ideas to life on the stage or screen. We work together to educate, entertain and most of all inspire our audiences.

Our motto is; “We exist to tell great stories” and whether it be in feature films, television, live theatre and events, documentaries, web series or short films we are always looking for new stories to tell and new partners to help us tell them.

John J. Pistone – CEO/Executive Producer

I am an actor who also writes, produces and directs so at my core I am a storyteller.

I started The Secret Squirrel Society as way of getting creative people together and bring great stories to life. Since moving out on my own at 16 I’ve had hundreds of jobs and have lived a very eclectic life but no matter what I’ve done I’ve always returned to storytelling. I spent several years producing “product-driven” television in the early 90’s, then toured the U.S. as Babar The Elephant King in Visa’s “Read Me A Story” tour.

I stepped away from the stage for awhile and served in the U.S. Navy first as a journalist in the Public Affairs Office then as a combat journalist in the Navy’s Combat Camera Unit. I am eternally grateful to the Navy for allowing me to utilize and hone my storytelling skills for them for ten years. It was truly one of the best experiences of my life. After retiring from the Navy I came to Los Angeles to pursue storytelling full time.

I successfully completed the two year program at The American Academy Of Dramatic Arts in Hollywood, which was another life changing experience.

When not performing, producing, or working behind the camera I can easily be found cruising on my Harley up the coast,  on the beach or field playing sports (totally against my Dr.’s advice), at a live show or singing karaoke somewhere.