Project Description


Dragon Girl

Dragon Girl is a short film adapted from The Dragon Play by Jenny Connell Davis. We made the film in an effort to secure an option on the screenplay. The story deals with dragons, marriage, true love, and what people are willing to settle for in life. It is incredibly written.

This scene is the “man’s monologue and describes his relationship with his wife.

This short film was produced, directed, and acted by John J. Pistone.

For The Greater Good?

Our Film “For The Greater Good?” is a modern day retelling of the Greek tragedy Philoctetes. This suspenseful and dramatic film addresses the morals and consequences of war.

This film was produced in collaboration with Aquila Theatre NY and the USC School Center for Innovation and Research on Veterans & Military Families as part of the Warrior Chorus LA project. The entire project was written, produced, directed by veterans from all branches of the military in less than three months. The cast, with the exception of Anna Carlise, were veterans a well.

The First Date

The First Date, starring Amy Letcher and Harry Farmer, is a comedic short film about Susan and Daniel’s first date. The film, shot from Susan’s perspective, takes the audience on a journey of a woman who is trapped on a date gone wrong. See what happens when the sweet possibilities of romance turn into a sour struggle to get the hell out of the situation.

The First Date is a cautionary tale to bear in mind the next time you say ‘yes’ to a date with a mysterious stranger after a few drinks at a bar.

This short film was written, produced and directed by John J. Pistone.